Olivia Etherington


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Wait Staff

Employment Status

Management Team | Organizational Chart

When reporting an issue, or you have any concerns, please direct it to the manager in your area. If you believe your issue/concern was not handled properly, please move up the chart to the next person.


Bill Borders

General Manager

Angel Borders

Human Resources | Accounting

Russell Borders – Tessa Sanchez

Dining Room Managers

Gaylene Suiter

Kitchen Manager(s)

James Svitak
Joseph Houston

Bar Manager

Wendi Watson


Alexa Martinez
Leona Peralta
Bree Agee
Elizabeth Clester
Jasmine Escobedo
Angelo Valdez
Mica Karr
Arica Mundy
Jessica Helmer
Kanik Pace
Mayanna Faith


Michael Aycock
Zion Lucero
Anthony Borders


Shawna Spadlin
Nancy Dreher
Angela Robinson
Tyler Fallahi

Dish Staff

Jose Veloz
Allen Anderson
David Lyons III


Lacey Huntley

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Daily Calendar 📆

Tardy Less Than 10 Minutes

Please Note: You will receive a 1/2 Occurrence every time you have three tardy arrivals.

November 11, 2019

Late 21 Minutes – Texted James Svitak to let him know you were stuck at the Fort Carson gate. Kitchen – 9am shift

Server Checkout Issues

Performance Evaluations

Documented Warnings


should you exceed 7 occurrences in any year, your position will be immediately terminated

1/2 occurrences are issued if you are late in excess of 10 minutes, when you are late less than 10 minutes 3 times and if you leave work early while the restaurant is busy.

Full occurrences are issued if you are a no show for a scheduled shift, or if you call in less than 12 hours for your shift.